About Acaxro

About Aca-xro

Established in 2018, aca-xro is a fashion brand specializing in quality alligator, cow and calfskin leather products. The statement that our brand pursues is a luxurious style but still does not lose the inherent comfort and exaggeration for you to confidently express your own class and personality.

In the fashion industry and especially with the leather product, emotions and personal colors are always at the first standard. When you own any of aca-xro’s leather products, it is not difficult for you to feel the harmony between the delicate beauty in bold designs in every small detail, each individual product; combined with ease of use in daily life.

With this motto, at aca-xro leather products are not simply an ordinary fashion accessory, it is also a way to express the self-declaration, to go with the flow of contemporary fashion that is constantly moving every day.

Our mission

As an leather fashion brand with more than 7 years of age, and possessing more than 40 years of experience in the leather industry, aca-xro is committed to bringing the best quality leather products under the hands of customers. skilled workers, with an understanding of the leather handmade fashion industry.

We understand that every leather product is an investment in fashion. Every bag, leather wallet can be compared to a companion – comfortable enough to use every day, persistent enough to go through the years together.

The best quality leather material

Using the best quality materials. using professional technology and techniques in the processing process, every leather product at aca-xro reaches our strictest standard, with the desire to bring products that are not only valuable in terms of fashion beauty but also have high durability, certainty over time of use, are friendly to consumers as well as the environment. We are confident to satisfy all those requirements, thanks to the efforts of the design team who are always creative to catch up with new trends, update the fashion trends combined with the understanding of tastes of the modern consumer.

Diversified products

For any demand for fashion leather products, customers can find them at aca-xro. We continuously launch handbags, wallets, crossbody bags for ladies or a perfect accessory to confidently stand out at the night party. Men can also find a comfortable pair of shoes that still demonstrate style, a wallet or leather belt suitable for traveling wherever you go.

At aca-xro, we believe in a quality product that comes from the purest and most natural values. Each aca-xro product represents the perfect combination between the right selection of materials, creative thinking in design, and the meticulous hands of artisans. A leather product will grows in value over time.

Our mission

When we started the company, we had no idea that many people around the globe would want genuine handmade leather products. Once we realized the demand for our products, we went to work and made it our mission to deliver the best handmade vintage leather products at your doorstep at the least possible time possible. We imagine a world with everyone carrying one of our vintage leather bags, making the world beautiful one bag at a time.